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I'M #0

2009-03-23 21:50:35 by LollerCupcake

Ok, I'm actually #2375 (or thereabouts) but who's counting?
Judging by the image below, Newgrounds certainly isn't! :D

I saw that this happened earlier today:
Exp. Points: 7,100 / 7,510
Exp. Rank #: 1,999
Voting Pow.: 6.75 votes

If I was a b/p whore I'd be in the top 2000 instead of the top 2500.
Regardless, for every 400 accounts on this 1,000,000+ user site, only 1 is as awesome as mine.
Not bad for 3 years and 7 months of bad flash group animations and semi-daily depositing.
My ego is now a country and will be declaring its independence soon. :)

Since I've got nothing else to brag about, here's what I've been up to lately:
- v8 was coded and released a few days ago. Check it out.
- I've been making absolutely nothing in Flash. In fact, the last thing I did in Flash was my part for a SS collaboration that I just canceled due to incompetence.
- I've revisited the premise and storyline of a Cave Story mod r0ms and I were working on a while ago and I'm creating a bigger and better mod somewhat based on the work done there. Like every other game project I attempt, it probably won't be finished either. However, I'm trying new things and planning the story progression and all that out before I do any actual level design.

For your enjoyment, I now present the aforementioned ranking glitch:

I'M #0


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2009-03-25 18:46:36

cool man


2009-04-22 09:57:04

I love you Blackberry

LollerCupcake responds:

hot dp on cupcake action


2009-06-25 10:43:40

hello i am rlly gay mmm