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2008-07-22 13:16:53 by LollerCupcake

Hello to all you S.A.S. members here to fight the Socom Squad with counter-spam.

A terrible strategy to say the least, but I suppose one has to start somewhere.

Still, you should know this:
Fight fire with fire, and all you get is a burning building.

I await the ensuing hilarity.

oh and here's an update!!
r0ms says (12:28 PM):
what a dumb faggot
r0ms says (12:28 PM):
i'm not going to block them because i really don't give two shits if they flood me
r0ms says (12:29 PM):
is it supposed to hurt my feelings or what
r0ms says (12:29 PM):
oh no they flooded my ng profile whatever will i do!!
FLAKBERRY says (12:29 PM):



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2008-07-22 13:22:12

u r going 2 get owned socom squad!!!